Charles McQuinllan – Big Time Photographer

Today I’m having a coffee with my neighbour Charles McQuinllan. Charles has done many things in photography, starting in the darkroom and working his way through being¬† Prince’s tour photographer to diving into the icy water of Northern Ireland to photograph cold water surfers. It was a hoot having coffees (very much plural) at his place and chatting about everything from gear to trying to find your way in photography.

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Chris Whitehead – Serial Entrepreneur

Today I’m chatting with an old friend, Chris Whitehead. Chris has been in the business of creating businesses for years; starting small and growing large. Having sold his main business 3 years ago, now allows Chris to spend more time with his family, explore the world and his lust for the outdoors. Hopefully you find this podcast inspiration in the way Chris approaches his life, work and play.

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Andy Yoong – New Media Entrepreneur

On this episode of Agitate, I’m sharing coffee with Andy Yoong. Andy is a media “jack of all trades” who directs, DOP’s, flies a drone and works his ass off on anything that comes his way. He did a feature length mountain bike film (check it out here). Today we’re talking about his travels, mountain biking and gear

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Ryan Kernaghan – Cinematographer

On this episode of Agitate, I’m chatting with Ryan Kernaghan. Ryan is a cinematographer that I’ve worked with on many TV spots. He also does films (check them out here) and his latest is “Bad Day for the Cut“. Today we’re talking about his recent trip to Sundance, gear and the American health care system.


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Joe Mcgivern – Photographer

Today I’m talking with Joe Mcgivern who splits his professional duties between hairstylist and photographer. Joe has been doing professional hair for over 20 years and knew his way around a set long before he picked up a camera. These days you can find him mixing it up, doing some of both. We are going to talk about his crossover into photography and how he finds coming from the hair styling end of things has helped him.


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Glenn Norwood – Commercial Photographer

This time we are over at Glenn Norwood’s studio, chatting to him about software, gear, music and kittens on Instagram. Glenn cut his teeth in the big city hustle and bustle of New York, photographing musicians for many of the big editorial magazines. These days you can find him in his cozy studio shooting very cool fashion, beauty and hair for clients around the world.


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Mags White – Self Employed Arts Consultant

Today I met with Mags White at The Landing in the MAC. Mags gave up her 9-5 career to set off on her own in the world of self employment(entertainer, comedian, arts consultant, kid’s birthday party clown). I really respect a person who has the hoots-pa to leave the security of full time employment to venture out for themselves. Mags and I chat about this, hecklers, PC & Macs and much more in this episode.

Mark Kneeshaw – Photographer & jack of all trades

Live today from Mr. Kneeshaw’s kitchen, a great friend and a guy who can pretty much get anything done. We talk about a couple of horror projects he has done lately, sewers, barking dogs and chat about old times before we head out to dinner in Toronto.

Chris Chapman – Commercial Photographer

Today I am at SilverLine Studios in Toronto, talking with an old friend Chris Chapman. I used to assist and do production work for Chris back in the olden days. We chat about those days as well as the Toronto Film Festival, photographing entertainers, studios and films.

Carrie Davenport – Commercial Photographer

Today I speak with Carrie Davenport in a very boomy sounding room. It was a riot. She talks to me about everything from kittens, favourite music, racism, photography and the business of photography

Steffan Hill – Commercial Photographer

Good friend and stills photographer for motion picture and TV photographer Steffan Hill drops by The Landing here at the MAC in Belfast. Steffan is a veteran of many film and TV shows, shooting both unit (on set) and gallery or feature (promotional) photography. He chats to me today about the business, gear and other stuff.

Chris Barr – Fine Art Photographer

Good friend, lecturer and fine art photographer Chris Barr joins me today on The Landing here at the MAC in Belfast. Chris teaches and practices both digital and silver based photography in Northern Ireland. His most well known work is probably his projects with travellers based in and around the horse trade. Sit back for an interesting casual chat with Chris.


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