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2013 Balmoral Show

I’ve had a few emails in the past couple of weeks regarding the new playful 2013 Balmoral Show imagery. They are popping up all over the place; on billboards, brochures, posters, etc.
It was a great shoot with Paul from Whitenoise on the grounds of the King’s Hall, the old site for past years Balmoral Shows. The studio for the day was an empty hall at the site, which had to be at least 8000 sq.ft., more space than even I know what to do with. We also had an adjoining hall as a holding area for the livestock in the project.

Over two dozen individual items/subjects were photographed for the concept. The idea was to represent a large cross section of all the activities and attractions that the Balmoral offers. That and the fact the show has moved for 2013 to the Maze site just outside of Lisburn needed to come across in the final image. So everyone and everything would be comped together onto a farm trailer and pulled by a little farmer down the motorway to its new location.
The final image represents hours and hours of comping and post production work. Its meant to feel compiled/created and have a little bit of a humourous feel to it.

thats a lot of clipping paths